What a divine gift our imagination is!

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Have you ever read “A Little Princess” by Frances Hodgson Burnett?

Have you heard the story of “The little match girl”?

Have you ever heard of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream?

All these stories have one thing in common: Imagination!

Sara Crewe, a rich beautiful little girl who studies at a boarding school in England, loves reading books and telling stories, has a wild imagination and is so popular that has earned the nickname “Princess Sara” among her school mates learns that her beloved father has died in India and has left her a penniless orphan.

She imagines herself a prisoner in the Bastille and makes friends with the rats living in the attic of the boarding school. Whenever she has an extra bun she would call to her prisoner in the next cell, her friend Becky and she would share that bun.

“Suppose,” Sara would say, “Suppose that we were princesses and that we had fine clothes on and beautiful rooms covered with fine drapes. Suppose that this table was filled with delicious foods of all kinds and suppose that there was a fire cracking in the grate and was making us warm..”

The same thing happens with the little Match girl out in the cold winter night. She lights matches and imagines wonderful things appear before her eyes..

Dr. Luther King Jr.’s imagined a better world and longed for it.

Imagination is a very powerful tool and I believe that if you learn to imagine and “suppose” as a kid then you’re never alone.

This article is not about what UNICEF or UN or children’s rights-related NGOs do (not that we don’t appreciate what they do), but it’s about Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling, Roald Dahl, Hans Christian Andersen, nursery rhymes, Santa Claus, Neverland and the boy who never grew.

You would all agree if I said that all children should have access to clean water, healthy food, should be protected from harm, should grow up in a loving family, should go to school and be educated. That’s all very good. But they also need to think, imagine, suppose, create and wish.

So maybe I’ll pick my favourite children’s book, go to a particular street every Wednesday afternoon and read stories to children, rich or poor, boy or girl. I can be the story-telling lady and I owe this idea to my imagination and just the thought of it makes me hopeful and happy.

My personal thank you goes to my mum and her imagination for naming me after the great Scheherazade the story teller, the little mermaid, J.R.R Tolkien and the tooth fairy. Thank you for making my childhood so beautiful.

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