Preventing commercial sexual exploitation of children

In order to prevent commercial sexual exploitation of children, there are several things that you can do – or encourage others to do – as a private individual:

- Make sure that your workplace has a workplace policy against commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC).

- Ask the headmaster of your school what the school does to prevent CSEC

- Keep your eyes open while travelling – ask the staff what they are doing to prevent CSEC (tourist agencies, guides, receptionists, etc)

- Ask your Internet service provider if the company is blocking child pornography

- Be alert as a bank customer; ask your bank what they do to prevent online purchases that are related to CSEC.

- Read ECPATs material, including the books that they have published

- Ask your regional politicians how they contribute to this cause

- Talk to friends, class mates, colleagues and neighbours, in order to create awareness

- Write letters to newspapers (but be weary of using statistics, unless you are 100 % positive that they are correct and come from a credible source.)

- Don’t hesitate to file a report to the police if you suspect CSEC.

- Report child pornography to the ECPAT Hotline.